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Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Need a specific product design template? Download your template. CLICK HERE
  • Artwork must not have any crop marks or reference lines on it.
  • Export a separate .PDF format file for each side.
    • Example: Two attachments, one for front .PDF page, then on a separate document for the back .PDF.
  • Upload your .PDF files below. If your .PDF’s are bigger than 15MB each, then please contact a friendly customer support representative at, 1 (800) 764-7600
  • Artwork has the same final size (dimensions) that appear on your template (look for “Final Size with Bleed”). CLICK HERE

Please use the form below to upload your artwork.

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Custom Graphic Designs provide a pathway to lasting brand exposure, unmatched in their ability to leave an enduring impact on potential customers. Nothing sells like professional visualization! Weaving your unique concept into an original, custom image can imprint an indelible impression impossible to ignore.

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