Revamp Your Business Card Game with Painted Edge Business Cards

Are you looking for a sure shot way to grab your prospective client’s attention? Well, then place your order for new and improved painted edge business cards. These business cards with painted edges are a one-step ahead of the traditional style business cards that to be honest are a tad boring.

With painted edge style business cards, you can break the chain of monotonous designed business cards and grab the attention of the intended client or partner easily. The highlighting feature of this product is the colored ink applied on the edge of the business card.

This simple touch of color gives an instant oomph to the business card, making it stand out from the rest of the cards. Gone are the days when plain black and white style business cards were seen on the table.

Today, the business world is highly challenging and standing out from the competitors is a primary struggle. Your clients or partners may receive multiple business cards at once and you need to grab your attention with a unique card.

Painted edge business cards are the ideal choice if you want to appeal to customers with a first impression. Your business card is not just a token of contact but holds great value in upholding your company’s reputation.

Here at K12Print, we keep that fact in mind and manufacture the best quality painted edge style business cards that will fully serve its purpose.

Why Choose Painted Edge Business Cards?

If you are still contemplating your choice to place the order for colored edge business cards then let us tell you why you should choose painted edge business cards over anything else.

  • They are trendy

Being in trend is a priority in today’s day. Especially in the business world, where trends matter in earning profitable scope. Even for a business cardoption, picking the trendy option is gonna profit you in more ways than you can imagine.

Investors would like to collaborate with a company that is conscious of their choices. And that choice begins with picking a trendy business card with painted edges like the painted edge business cards.

  • They are unique

If you look at the multiple business card styles, you will find that almost every business card looks similar one way or the other. It can even be said that all business cards look the same.

However, painted edge business cards are different and that too in a subtle way. Nothing extra or dramatic, however, with an impactful element of colored edge on the card.

Painted edge style business cards are unique and they make a lasting impression.

  • They aren’t boring

Lastly, they are simply not boring. Business cards can be boring with their subdued style and professional design.

However, with painted edge style business cards, you can bring something interesting to offer your clients that would leave an impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is painted edge style?

Painted Edge style is a new and improved feature where colored ink is added to the edge of the product. The inclusion of color makes the overall print on business cards extra stylish and attractive.

How many color options are available for painted edge business cards?

At K12Print, we have as many as 17 color options to choose from. We have metallic color choices as well so that customers can design creative painted edge business cards.

Can I choose dual color print for painted edge business cards?

Yes, you can choose full color dual print for your painted edge business cards.

Place your order for best quality Painted Edge Business Cards at K12Print. Contact us for any queries or special requests. We are happy to help you out.


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