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How plastic business cards at K12Print have a lasting effect on business. is an online platform where you can get printed business cards and other marketing tools to make your vision and business goals a reality. We design plastic cards for every event including marketing campaigns, corporate events, fundraising, business functions, and various other purposes.

For any business, first impressions play a significant role and we help you to impress everyone with our custom synthetic plastic business cards. You can use them as per your business’s requirements and create a unique image for your brand or company to sustain in this competitive world.

At, you can print your plastic business card with our wide range of customization options. You can create your cards using gloss and matt printing options or make them scratch-proof to protect the design, graphic, or text printed on them.


Why synthetic plastic is recommended for business cards?

A visually stunning plastic card can offer numerous benefits compared to a traditional paper card. There are many reasons behind manufacturing business cards using high-quality plastic, which also depends on the diversity of their uses.

  • Durable and eco-Friendly.

If you compare them with standard paper cards, plastic business cards are more superior in terms of durability and holding high-quality graphics on their surface. Mostly, Teslin cards can be recycled to reduce pollution and keeping the environment clean. You don’t have to think about their degradation and adverse effects of plastic when used for business purposes.  

  • Good resistance abilities.

Whatever color, text, design, or artwork you provide on a plastic card, they are likely to stay there for a longer time without any fading or smudging possibilities. Designing business cards using Synthetic paper can also make them resistant when exposed to water, moisture, liquid, or any environmental condition.

  • Ideal for electronic environment.

Many businesses and companies are making their premises secure by installing the latest technology and security features. In such environments, synthetic plastic cards can be embedded with bar codes, magnetic stripes, or any other feature, which can be inserted in card reading machines and read by them. This specific feature is not available with paper or other low-quality materials used in card designing for businesses.


What way your business can benefit from a plastic card?

Various industries are using synthetic plastic cards for a variety of programs, events, and purposes as they serve as a strong, noticeable, and retainable tool. They choose plastic cards due to their numerous advantages when utilized in businesses.

  • Unique identity.

Handing over synthetic plastic cards to the customers can be a good way to appreciate their loyalty to your brand. It can also help your business to stand out from other rivals when you include well-designed, custom cards with special features in them.

  • Professionalism.

Using a magnetic stripe or bar code in your cards can take your business to the next level and make the brand look more professional. Business cards can also give an extra edge in the competitive market to impress your clients and alliances.

  • Versatility.

Synthetic plastic cards can be used as coupons, membership tags, discount passes, ID cards, and other marketing tools for businesses.


Get your plastic business card at

We can also design your business cards by including magnetic stripes, bar codes, or other custom features as per the requirements. To include artworks that can define your brand specifically, you can upload them online before printing the business card with K12Print.

At, we offer the best plastic business cards to our clients to serve as a versatile tool for all kinds of events and marketing purposes. Our team of highly-skilled designers and manufacturers can create visually stunning synthetic plastic cards for your business.

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