Plastic Door hanging tags


Get plastic door hangers at K12Print for effective marketing campaigns.


At, you can get effective advertising tools like plastic key tags, gift cards, direct mail cards, and door hangers for your company’s promotional campaigns. Using these marketing products can elevate your purpose behind implementing them for businesses.

While investing in business campaigns, many companies are using plastic door hangers for a low-cost and easy-to-implement marketing strategy. Door hangers are also perfect for grabbing the attention of customers or clients when they visit your company for the first time.

Hence, our designers and manufacturers at K12Print always thrive to offer you attractive and business-specific door hanger options to choose from.


Why plastic printed door hangers?

In the past few years, direct mail marketing has emerged as a great way to enhance the effectiveness of campaigns in businesses. But door hangers are also included in marketing strategies to convey the company’s products and services to targeted consumers.

What makes door hangers stand out from mail marketing is their individualized attention-grabbing ability as compared to piles of emails or direct mails. Door hangers can be easily gifted to people, which they can place on doorknobs. Also, it can offer a more personalized and creative approach for advertising any brand or business.

Plastic hangers for doors are more durable as compared to other marketing tools. Due to their strength and attractive designs, these door hangers are most likely to be retained by customers. While most marketers are focused on online marketing techniques, you can select a more tangible and traditional method using plastic door hangers instead.

You can design your unique door hangers by including custom shape, size, perforation, coating, and many more features. If you need business-specific or campaign-oriented door hangers, you can check K12Print for custom designs and artwork. 


How door hangers help in targeting customers for your business?

You can use door hangers in your business because of some outstanding benefits they offer. With the help of a well-designed plastic door hanger, you can target consumers and create a positive impression about your brand.

When you choose door hangers for businesses, they offer a straightforward marketing option to deliver to the end-users. There is no requirement of any binding, folding, envelopes, or postage for distributing these products.

Door hangers can be easily delivered to your potential clients and even distributed quickly if you use them with a hook or die-cut hole. As it can be hanged to the front side of doors or main entrance of any building, or workplace, overlooking them is quite impossible.

For a more targeted marketing approach, door hangers are ideal for gifting them directly to customers by any business. Sometimes, you can track your company’s progress by using door hangers designed specifically for certain geographic areas.


Benefits of getting door hangers from K12Print.

When you choose for plastic door hangers, we use the latest tools and techniques to design and print them. Whether you get plastic cards, lanyards, or door hangers from us, our every product offers a great opportunity to boost your business’s presence and reputation.

Our door hangers and other marketing products are created by keeping your target audience into consideration. Therefore, look no further and place your order with K12Print for creating stunningly attractive and effective campaigns for your business with custom door hangers.

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