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Make an impressive statement with Gift card envelopes

Shop for printed and customised gift card envelopes and an impressive effect on your customers. K12 Print brings you the perfect envelope solution with revolutionary printed envelopes for gift cards. Surprise your customer with customized envelopes to send gift cards to create a lasting impression.

We are equipped with the most skilled team and innovative technologies to help you create giftcard envelopes for business or brand promotion purposes. We help in materializing your imagination and creating the perfect replica for your thoughts and helping your business or brand create the most impressive image in the industry.

What do we offer?

At K12 Print, we customise gift card envelopes and transform them into the perfect gift. Our envelope gift will help you create an everlasting impression with your customers and you can directly target consumers with special offers. A personalised touch always makes a greater impact and these giftcard envelopes are what can help your brand take the lead towards being different from the competitors.

We design and manufacture premium quality envelop plastic to help you acquire a higher reach of customers. From customized classic sleeves to pop-up holders to elegantly present the card to embossed envelopes, we create it all.  We also design glassine envelopes that present the gift card in a unique way, where the card is protected through the envelope and yet the decorative designs are visible.

We offer versatile services to different industries and design and manufacture plastic gift cards and customised envelopes for gift cards with expertise and dominance in design and intricacies. Contact us for the most impressive products in the market in terms of envelope gift.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to protect gift cards?

The best way to protect gift cards and decrease their chances of wear and tear is to use a gift card envelope along with it. The envelopes not only keep the gift card safe but also help in presenting it in an aesthetic way. The use of giftcard envelopes helps in making impression on the customers.

What are the uses of envelope plastic?

The envelope plastics can be used to deliver various correspondences such as brochures, newspapers, magazines, gift cards, etc. These are effective alternatives to rigid cartons or carton boxes and are also known as poly mailers or poly mailer bags which are a revolutionary invention in the gifting industry.

What are the different types of  Gift card envelopes?

 Gift card envelopes can be of different types depending on the size, shape, linings, and adhesives. However, over the years various construction methods have evolved that are customized to suit different gifting requirements. We at K12 print design and manufacture different types of envelopes as per your customization.

How are gift cards a great way of accelerating business growth?

Gift cards when sent in a customised gift card envelope help to create brand awareness and promotion, Moreover, they are easy and convenient to use and help in capitalizing through holiday shopping and increase sales and cash flow.