Make Your Card a Fly Trap! Dazzle and Attract Clients with Premium Business Card Printing


Promote your business wherever you go with attractive business card printing with us. Share your name, contact, and company information in style. Whether you are in a party, in a meeting, or just in a casual encounter — you can attract potential clients anywhere using a well designed business card.

Did you know that a business card has just five seconds to draw attention to itself? Anyone looking for a service probably has dozens of business cards thrown at them — and so, a poorly designed card has a big chance of getting ignored. The only time your card has to impress the client is being held between fingers while the client gives the cursory first glance — and you want those eyeballs to stick there!

This is where we come in. We are the best online business card designer, creating awesome, impressive, attractive custom card designs for your business. Because your recognition deserves the best! Isn’t that so? And our premium business cards are just what you need to stand out from the crowd of run-of-the-mill bland cards.

Why Should You Choose K12print for Your Business Card Printing

At, we care about our customers. Your marketing and printing needs are at the top of our priority list. We understand what it takes to make a successful business card that has outstanding design and appeal to the receiver. Our comprehensive and high-quality custom services have helped companies and creative professionals find their goals faster than they anticipated.

What’s more, you will find our pricing and production capabilities the most competitive. We are the specialists you need in the line of business card printing — and any other printing needs you have.

What Do We Have For You

Cards galore, that’s what we have for you! Be it plastic, paper, metal, or other materials, we print on anything that takes your fancy. The main three categories of business card printing we do are:

  • Standard Business Cards

There’s nothing substandard about our standard business cards! Rich colors and your choice of finish, unlimited shapes and quantities — all you need in a small package. We offer standard cards in the general US business card size, from standard, durable cardstock choices as you please. You can choose the design and finish whichever takes your fancy. (or we can advise you too!)

  • Extra Thick Business Cards

State your gravity with an extra thick business card. When the customer sorts through the cards they got, your extra thick business card will stand out from the lot. Twice the thickness of a standard card, these would convey greater value and meaning to the customer, giving them the impression that you don’t skimp on the amount delivered. You can choose the finish and colors.

  • Premium Business Cards

Stand out of the regular garbage of paper with a dazzling, impressive, attractive piece! These premium business cards from are your first choice of weapon to bring down customer resistance. A premium card enforces trust and decision on the part of the prospective client. We provide the best premium online business card printing service there ever was, with unlimited choices on size, color, design, and material!


Frequently Asked Questions About Business Cards

Should I include my logo on my business card?

Yes! Your brand logo exists to help improve your brand awareness. Also, visual recognition is much better than remembering a name. Expose your customers to your brand logo as much as you can — especially using business cards.

How much color and graphics should I include on my business card?

Try to strike the perfect balance between being too garish or flamboyant and being bland or uninteresting. While it is true that raging colors attract the eyeballs, yet they can offend the delicate taste of a customer just as well. Order your online business card designer to be attractive but not to be a visual pollution.

Are color business cards worth the cost?

Absolutely! The world is too gray and colors make you stand out. Moreover, your brand may have special meaning with a particular color. And last but not the least, most business card printing designs would look bland in plain grayscale. But be careful about using too much color without meaning — that would diminish the prestige of your card.