2.75 x 1.125 Key Tags
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Your Hunt for Plastic Key Tags Ends Here

Do you require a tag that is weather-resistant and free of chemical abuse? Then go for Plastic Key Tags. These tags are a unique opportunity for your customers to have your business information at all times. It lets your customers easily access your services and products and is beneficial for both the business and the users. 


Why Use Plastic Key Tags?

The market is full of different types of key tags made up of various materials, such as paper, metal, hardboard, vinyl, polyester, and others. But the most convenient type is plastic as they are more durable and cheaper. Moreover, these can be designed in any shape and can be customized as per the customer’s choice.  Plastics are printable, tough, tear-resistant, and waterproof, making them a better choice to be utilized as key tags. 


Convenient and On The Go

K12 Print Design Services offers personalized options for your plastic tags requirements. You can ask us to add your own text or art to plastic tags. Providing Custom plastic key tags with a choice of strings, shape, ties, thickness is our specialty. 
Plastic key tags stick to your customers and go everywhere they move. Thus, they are treated as one of the best promotional tools. The number of times a customer uses their keys, your brand is displayed to them and the others surrounding them simultaneously. 


Uses of Plastic Key Tags

These are the promotional items that can be used for various other purposes as well. Some of the major other uses of this plastic novice are:
  • Plastic Key tags for Membership Programmes: Businesses offer plastic tags as part of membership programs as they are convenient to use. You can also add a bar code or a QR code to be scanned to get the member details. The bar codes can also be used to grant access to various membership programs.
  • Loyalty Reward Key Tags: Many businesses also offer loyalty and rewards, and using a plastic key tag will certainly boost your initiatives. The programs are usually conducted and are particularly designed to increase customer loyalty and spending. A bar code on this card makes it compatible with your point of sale thus tracking your customer spending and rewarding them accordingly. 
  • Promotional Key Tags: Key tags are used with keys and so they are carried almost to all locations where your customer travels. Thus, they become an exceptional promotional medium.  
Many industries use plastic cards for various applications. These tags are manufactured with 20 mm or 30 mm thickness with a high-quality finish and are quite durable.  Some other uses of plastic key cards can be as follows:
  • A strong alternative to gift cards
  • Can be used as access cards at various programs
  • Good to use as product label as they are weather-resistant
  • Auto industries use them as service tags and for other repair businesses
  • Also used as ID cards
  • Schools and other organizations use plastic cards as library cards
There is an unlimited vision to use these cards and the list is endless. People develop different ideas to bring out the most from these customized plastic key tags. 


Types of Custom Plastic Tags

K12 Print Design Services offer the largest collection for your personalized plastic card requirements. From a large range of customization based on your needs, some can be listed as under:
  • Dye cutting custom plastic tags in various shapes like a hut, burger, etc.
  • Custom self-locking tags
  • Perforated plastic tags
  • Self-laminating tags
  • Engraved plastic customized tags
If you are not finding your choice from the list provided, just call us and raise your demand and we are sure that we will come over it. 

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