Plastic Door hanging tags


Plastic door hangers and Parking Tags.

Reusable and long-lasting, a Plastic door hanger is a versatile product to showcase your brand. It can be creatively designed to be used for store events, weddings, as warning signs, do not disturb signs in hotel rooms, to promote your business, and can be used for various other applications. 


Custom Plastic Door Hangers

K12 Print Design Services are the pioneers in making customized plastic door hangers. Our dedicated team of creative consultants is experienced to design almost all shapes and designs of plastic hangers. You can choose from a variety of door hanger options to get the perfect door hanger you have imagined.  
We will print a door hanger for you with your design or you can choose from ready custom-made templates. If required, we can even design a personalized plastic door hanger to suit your requirements. 


Types of Door Hangers

Plastic door hangers can be of different shapes, designs, prints, materials, depending on your personal needs. Some of the most common types are listed below:
  • Custom Shaped Door hangers – We at K12 print are experts at door hanger printing with shapes that fulfill all your requirements. We can design unique door hangers in a variety of shapes. For example, you can opt for circular or rectangular-shaped hangers, to best suit your needs. Choose your own shape and draw extra attention of the customers to know more about your products and services.
  • Folded Door Hangers - Some businesses may require extra space on their door hangers, and a good designed folded door hanger serves their purpose quite well. These hangers can open up to display more information or message, menu, instructions, and much more as per the business needs. 
  • Variable Printing Cards – Multiple door hanger designs is another way to provide information that is easy to understand. Suppose you want to convey a different message each day, then variable printing cards with each weekday printed can be a nice idea to display your information on that particular weekday. 
  • Plastic Door Handles with Writable Surfaces – You can also add a writable space to your door hanger. Apart from the printed surface, this card has a dedicated space to write. In case your guests want to convey a message, then these cards can be a good option to choose. 
  • Blank Plastic Door Hangers – Usually white in color, these durable tags let you write a piece of valuable information to share. These are good for warehouses, manufacturing units, buildings, hospitals, labs and are used to inscribe hazards. Mostly hanged on the handle of the main door, or over the valves, they are a good medium to provide necessary information to the trespassers. 
The message can be written with the help of a pencil, pen, or marker and can be erased, making these door hangers reusable. 


Benefits of Using Printed Plastic Door Hangers

Marketing strategies require innovations and ideas to keep your customers engaged. Plastic door hangers are one of the cost-effective, and a great method to convey your products and services. They grab the personal attention of your customers and are sure to leave a positive impression on your company. A novel gift item to be placed on doorknobs, these plastic hangers are durable marketing tools. 
K12 Print, design door hangers keeping in mind for your target audience and thus provide you with the best solutions. Design your own door hanger with a custom shape, size, perforation, coating, color combination, and features you require for your specific marketing campaigns. 


Get Your Plastic Door Hangers 

Get your customized door hanger with a specific brand, event, or other purposes with K12 Print. These are also useful as parking permits to be hanged on vehicle mirrors, or for a traditional doorknob, and at various other places as per the specific requirements. 
Add your valuable data to these plastic hangers and share more about your products and services. Add barcodes, or numbers, or other unique elements to make them personalized. Place your orders and we will dispatch your required quantity well within the time limits. 

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