Stay Best from the Rest with Uniquely Styled Raised Spot Business Cards


Give your business cards a major upgrade with raised spot UV business cards. Ordinary business cards fail to make an impression on prospects. The value of regular business cards really go unnoticed as your potential partner or client may receive multiple business cards.

How can you make your spot in the competitive business world? Raise your business card game and ditch away the old-style business cards. K12print offers unique looking Raised Spot UV Business cards that can immediately pique the interest of people whom you hand over your card.

Raised Spot UV Business Cards are elegant in style and unique texture that gives them a unique look. Here at K12Print, you can place orders for customized raised spot business cards that would leave a positive impact on business clients or partners.

Customers can feel and see the difference when they get their hands on raised spot UV business cards. The primary feature of raised spot UV business cards is that the printing process involves specialized spot UV method.

The procedure adds a layer of UV ink on the card in a specific area. You can choose the area where you wish to include this UV spot process ink. This particular design process gives the card a raised look and feel making them stand out from ordinary business card designs.

Perks of Choosing Raised Spot UV Business Cards


Selecting Raised Spot UV Business Cards will give customers a number of benefits. With our raised business cards, you will get –

  • The Chance to Highlight Company Logo

Make anything on your business card pop and grab the attention of the spectator. Raised Spot UV business cards allow you to highlight anything that you want.

Most businesses choose to highlight their company logo and you can easily do so if you place the order for raised spot UV business cards.

  • Depth and Unique Texture

The layer of UV ink applied on business cards during the raised business card printing is approximately 50 microns high, hence making the surrounding surface feel lower than the applied spot UV design.

This adds depth to the text on the business card making them look stylish and elegant. Also, the UV ink layer further gives the business cards an overall unique texture which your prospects couldn’t help but notice.

  • Intriguing Design Possibilities

Raised spot business cards give customers the flexibility to be creative with their design. Using the UV spot printing, you can have intriguing design possibilities.

Get in touch with our graphic design team as they can help you find suitable designs to meet your business card needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I have Raised Spot UV on both sides of the card?

Unfortunately, we at K12print do not provide raised spot UV printing on both sides of the card. Instead, customers can get high-quality raised UV spot prints on the front side of the business card.

Can I add borders on business card artwork?

Borders on business card artwork are not flattering and can, in fact, ruin the overall design. At K12Print, our team will offer you the best guidance to design Raised Spot UV Business Cards.

Next Day Delivery

Have an urgency to get your hands on best quality Raised Spot UV Business Cards? Fret not! We’ve got you covered. We at K12Print are proud to introduce Next Day Delivery. With us, you can get –

  • Same-day printing
  • Overnight delivery service
  • Unlimited printing quantities and shapes

Upgrade your business cards with elegant style and modern raised spot UV printing. Place your order for high-quality Raised Spot UV Business Cards at K12Print NOW! Get in touch with us for more details.

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