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Get Plastic Parking Permits At K12 Print For Safety & Branding Requirements


When you need custom, top-quality, plastic-printed items and cards, there’s no better place than With many years of experience in the industry, we offer a huge collection of office, marketing, and customer-oriented products including plastic parking permits.

Implementing custom plastic permits at your business, workplace, or any other area enables hassle-free parking and ensures the protection of people nearby. This is why K12Print manufactures every product as per the standards required to make your permit tags and plastic door hangers distinguishable.

K12Print makes use of the best quality plastic sheets and Teslin paper to design items that can serve as marketing tools to transform any business. Hence, be it a plastic parking permit, keys tags, door hangers, or membership cards, our products are the best as far as the quality and prices are concerned.


Why Plastic Parking Passes are Important?

Parking areas are quite important in chaotic locations like office spaces, residential complexes, healthcare centers, and more. Without parking passes, it can cause a major hassle for people who travel to these locations frequently. Hence, printing plastic parking permits will be an effective solution to manage the chaos and remind people where to park and where to avoid it.

Custom parking passes also controls the accessibility of employees or workers in the premises of businesses and workplaces. Therefore, having parking permits will be able to keep out unauthorized people from accessing the parking or office areas. 

The main reasons behind replacing your paper parking permit with a plastic one are the branding and durability factors. Hence, the plastic passes, door hangers, and parking hand tags you get from our K12Print are made with materials that can last longer.

Also, we can assure you that these products can be used for years without replacing them.


What are the Benefits of Plastic Parking Permit in Business?

When it comes to designing plastic parking passes for businesses, you must consider the scope for branding through these tools. Many leading companies and work cultures are doing great in terms of attracting potential clients by custom parking permits.

Besides, you can instore barcodes in custom parking passes to track the activities of employees or clients. Moreover, issuing well-designed parking permits can motivate the users to connect with your brand and discuss businesses.


Why for Plastic Parking Passes?

We, at K12Print, understand how branding for businesses depends on the choice of their customization for printing plastic parking permits. Hence, our team always suggests include eye-catching artwork or template design for your clients to notice the permits, door hangs, and tags.

If you are looking for a printing agency to order top-quality custom plastic door hangers and parking passes, then look no further than K12Print.


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