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Because your cause is worth it... try fundraising cards, Custom Printed TShirts, Promotional Products and More...


With two sided printing capability and high gloss finish, plastic fundraising cards provide a hard-to-ignore statement about your commitment to the community and dedication to your fundraising cause. Aim high. Because your cause is worth it, and the cost to do it couldn't be lower! Fundraising cards are a favorite of fundraisers looking for a great way to raise money for their worthy cause. Compared to traditional money raising events - car washes, auctions, bake sales, catalog sales, ect. - Fundraising cards eliminate most of the need for planning and preparation, relying instead on a good deal to achieve fundraising goals has never been easier, or more attainable than now due to our easy and affordable fundraising card printing service.


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Fundraising cards are a great source for promoting a cause. Know how to use them…


Plastic fundraising cards have become a great way to promote a cause, especially by schools, charity campaigns, and organizations. So if you’re also looking for ways to promote your cause, then use colorful and eye-catching printed fundraising cards and print your cause on them.

The purpose of raising funds can be successfully accomplished through efficient marketing. This includes creating a logo, giving a name to your cause, displaying posters in busy areas, and distributing special plastic cards.

Getting sponsors is another effective way to spread your word. So, issuing discounted fundraising cards or fundraiser scratch off cards can convince people to shop or dine at local outlets that sponsor your cause. Thus, people save their money on purchases and you get the donations for your special cause.

The cost involved in making a fundraising card is very minimal. Hence using these plastic cards is an affordable way to raise money for your charity or cause. Add a name or logo of your cause and also attract more sponsors to make your fundraising cards desirable.

You may opt for paper pamphlets to spread your word. But, they tend to easily get destroyed or lost. That’s why plastic fundraising discount cards are a perfect solution for promoting your cause. They are durable, portable, and handy. Each time someone uses such a card, others see it. Some may also want to know about the discount received by the cardholder. Thus, it is a great way to promote your cause and raise funds for it.

Fund-raising isn’t an easy task despite having a relevant cause. Always make sure to apply great marketing techniques to raise funds for your cause. One such technique is distributing fundraising cards to grab people’s attention and encourage them to donate to it.


Thinking of good ideas to put on your fundraising card?


We can help with that too! We've helped countless fundraisers create, manage and surpass their goals. It's easier than you can imagine. Our expert team of design, marketing and fundraising specialists will guide you through every step of the fundraising card printing process.

Don't get stressed thinking about all the work it will take to meet your fundraising target. Have fun with it and make more money than ever with today's most enjoyable, relaxed and well-established system for successful fundraising - fundraising cards.

Even if it's an urgent requirement, with us, you don't have to stess a bit about your fundraising card printing, our team of specialists can create exceprional cards in the shortest time possible.

Raise the money you need for the cause that needs it. Relax, let K12Print create a fundraising card that does the work for you. You don't have to work the plan,  just sell it!

Plastic fundraising cards are easy to use, extremely profitable, and with all the work they take off your hands, most certainly make fundraising fun.



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