Teslin® Card Material

Teslin® is the core non-toxic substrate used in Teslin plastic cards. Teslin® allows for the fastest delivery, provides flexibility in Variable Data printing, is extremely durable, provides beautiful print quality and is environmentally responsible. Teslin® material is recyclable and biodegradable.

What is the thickness?

The composition of our cards is as follows: 10mil printed Teslin® as a core material with 10mil over laminate applied to both sides, the over laminate has UV inhibitors to provide UV protection. This process produces a 30mil plastic card product that is the same thickness as a standard credit card. We can also substitute a thinner over laminate to produce a thinner card product.

What are useful products that would be great with Teslin®?

Teslin® is used to make ID cards in countries around the world, as well as driver’s licenses in the United States. Because of its waterproof and tear resistant properties, cards made with Teslin® substrate are widely used in event promotion. Teslin card printing and customizing is also a fairly straightforward process.

Known for their solid strength and dependability, Teslin® cards are utilized in security-conscious industries such as banking, insurance and identity protection companies. Along with Teslin card printing, they can be imbedded with magnetic strips or integrated circuits to be used as Smart Cards.

Plastic cards vs. Teslin cards

Choosing Teslin ID cards over plastic or PVC cards is the best way to reduce the cost of ID cards. They not only help in saving money but also create efficiencies in marketing and maintain customer satisfaction.
Laminated Teslin plastic cards are great alternatives to represent a premium brand in the marketplace. They can be easily printed with traditional or digital print including full color to match the brand PMS colors. This helps in effective brand management.
Perhaps a plastic card can last up to 10 years. But why invest an additional cost in a card that will hardly be used for a couple of years. Apart from the cost, they are also prone to scratches and are sensitive to certain chemicals such as acetone. 
The durability of an ID card depends on the material it is made up of, its thickness, and lamination. Remember, the more the thickness of the card, the more durable it is. 
Similarly, the lamination of the card also plays a major role in making it long-lasting. It protects the images and bar codes on the card from rubbing, thus boosting the lifespan of the card.
Teslin plastic cards are extremely versatile and available in various grades. They are an ideal choice to keep away the unwanted bulk of the wallet. Unlike plastic ID cards, Teslin cards are much lighter.

Why Choose Teslin substrate?

Teslin substrate has eventually become an ultimate choice by security agencies, government offices, and other card issuers worldwide. So, if you also want to enhance the security and integrity of your organization then, opt for Teslin ID cards. 
Teslin cards come with multiple features that make the process of authentication simple and easy. The multiple layers of security features embedded in the card make it difficult to counterfeit. Teslin substrate provides advanced cushioning that helps in better protection of credentials.
Moreover, Teslin substrate easily absorbs inks and toners, resulting in a high-resolution photo. So, choose Teslin substrate to attain a highly-secure product, lower production costs, increased protection of the credentials, and avoid potential fraud. It also provides excellent chip resistance and flexibility.

At K12Print.com, we will always strive to incorporate sustainable materials in our products while providing the absolute highest-quality marketing tools for our customers. The responsibility for cleaner living lies with us all, and we will do our part.

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