Why Laminated Soft Touch Business Cards Printing Finish From K12Print.

K12Print.com is an ideal platform for digital printing and customized business cards, which can make marketing campaigns stunningly effective. You can get here postcards, soft touch business cards, catalog printing, booklet, door hangers, and many other high-quality products.

Companies and organizations often print business cards to improve their professional appeal and make a lasting impression on their customers. We have clients from various industries where our soft-touch finishing for cards offers a more tactile sensation to their marketing products.

With soft touch laminating technology, the business cards manufactured by us are resistant to fingerprints and smudges. You can try other customized features for your cards by visiting our website and select the best products to serve your marketing campaigns or other purposes.

Why Soft Touch Lamination for Card Print Finishing?

Once you get the artwork or design template ready for your business cards, the next step is to print them followed by applying some finishing touch. Manufacturers pay extra attention when the ink dries up, so they can apply the print finishing techniques on these cards.

With soft touch lamination for your business card, your print finish will have a velvety structure. This laminate can offer a silky smooth finish while ensuring a protective cover for your cards. 

Your cards will have a matt laminating film, which produces a high-quality, gratifying, and rich textile surface on both sides. With this coating, it offers extended use of printed products and prevents curling of the corners. 

What Makes Soft Touch Print Finish Ideal for Business Cards & Campaigns?

Various print finishes are available in the market to make business cards more attractive and appealing to the customers. Some of the common lamination for print finishes include linen, premium, embossed gloss, triple color layer, and soft touch, which are popular for businesses. At K12Print, you can get any of these laminations as a print finish for your business cards.

Many clients from marketing professions prefer our soft touch business cards for specific campaigns where protective finishing is an essential requirement. This lamination offers durability and resistance to scuff, scratch, and fingerprint, which makes it a perfect choice for marketing materials.

Applying this soft touch coating can improve the sophistication of any printed product. This is why many leading businesses and brands utilize soft-touch finishing in their marketing campaigns and products. You can use them for creating velvety catalogs, postcards, silky brochures, and satin feel business cards.

Soft touch laminations or print finishes are quite popular in many industries as they offer elegance to all kinds of design and surfaces. If you use them for business cards, it enhances the print quality and color saturation of the artwork done.

As the print or color doesn’t diminish with time, this lamination is perfect for marketing tools that are meant for retained by the customers or clients.    

Why Select K12Print.com for Business Cards with Soft Touch Finishes?

Every business card at K12Print is manufactured using the latest printing technologies and state-of-the-art machinery. It makes our business cards with soft touch finishing or any other products visually delightful and can impress customers to jumpstart a business conversation.

If you want to print soft touch business cards with us, you can visit K12print.com and select the customization as per your company’s requirements. We can assure you that our every product best in the market, in terms of quality, pricing, manufacturing, and printing technologies.

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