John Didonato

"When You Change A Life, You’re In The Business Of Success"

John Didonato, President of K12Print, knows something about value…he has seen the value of his business grow, along with the value of his employees whose lives he has impacted. Upon moving his printing business to Lake Worth in 1979, Mr. Didonato began what would become

a journey of awareness, fundamentally changing his outlook on life and those around him. From the applicants who came through his door, a new consciousness emerged, forever changing not only his business philosophy but his appreciation and understanding of life outside the company walls.

More and more job seekers from surrounding neighborhoods walked into the shop, leaving with something that was often scarce; employment. Over time, Mr. Didonato couldn’t help but take note of the productivity and attitude of those working for him. Through an enlightening process of discovery, he came to understand the true meaning of value…that which is bestowed upon you, and that which comes from within.

Mr. Didonato was able to witness, firsthand, the positive conversion a person experiences when they feel valued. In underserved communities, education and value are inextricably linked. Far too many residents, for too many reasons, are not exposed to the value of education. From this void comes failure, frustration, and ultimately, hopelessness.

As far as Mr. Didonato is concerned, no one deserves that, especially the children, "We should be creating independence, not dependence." Today, in South Florida and beyond, K12Print is poised to make a difference in education like few companies before it. Through its Earn and Learn Program, a percentage of every dollar earned translates directly into a classroom setting for kids. Interactive Technology is installed, dramatically changing the way teachers teach and students learn.

With the use of Interactive Technology, children become permanently tuned into learning with many experiencing success for the first time. The seeds of value are sown, the transformation begins. A new generation of people no longer dependent on dependency start their lives.

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